The mountains are calling.

By Caleb Peek   There’s just something about these mountains.   In Western North Carolina, mountains mean life. From Murphy to Boone and all the hills and hollows in between, the Appalachians feed us. They quench our thirst. They’re a barrier between the slow pace of mountain life and the high speed of modern society,... Continue Reading →


Blackrock Outdoor Company settles in at WCU

Blackrock Outdoor Company is a locally owned and operated outdoor gear shop well-known for it's location in downtown Sylva. The thriving business opened its second location in WCU's Noble Hall on Feb. 27 and it has sparked the interest of many students and faculty. The addition of the store along with Subway, Chili's, Bob's Mini Mart and... Continue Reading →

‘Purple reigns’ on WCU homecoming parade

Homecoming traditions hold a big place in Western Carolina University’s history. Since the 1930’s, the university has celebrated homecoming through cookouts, bonfires, homecoming court and alumni awards. One of the biggest traditions, though, has been the annual homecoming parade. The parade started after the football program was reestablished in the 1930s. This year marks the... Continue Reading →

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